Refresher Driving Training

Most motorists are not intentionally dangerous. They want to be responsible drivers and to interact safely with others on the road. However, many lack the knowledge and understanding of the risks involved in driving or they miss the skills, attitude or motivation to do so. To change this scenario we must provide advanced training opportunities in addition to the basics of learning “how to drive”. Our Defensive Driving Course is an opportunity for such advanced training.

You will gain understanding of proper driving attitudes, road risks and interaction with other road users in addition a more in-depth understanding of the interaction with the car you drive.

The theoretical part of the course includes presentations by our experienced Excel Driving Sch facilitators coupled with power point presentations, video shows and training materials based on practical experiences on the road. This course is essential to all organisations that value road safety. Defensive Driving ensures maximum safety for employees, protection of company fleet and gives organizations the confidence that its employees have the required driving skills.

Category Fee Structure
  • Category A2 Motorcycle Ksh.6,750
  • Category A3 Tuktuk Ksh.10,500
  • CategoryB1 Light vehicle manual Ksh.12,250
  • CategoryB2 Auto Ksh.12,250
  • Category B3 Light professional Ksh.12,250
  • CategoryC1 Light trucks Ksh.14,250
  • Category D1 Ksh.12,500
  • Refresher Lessons Ksh. 750 per lesson
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Program Overview

Why Excel Institute Driving School

  1. we offer the best driving education
  2. we offer quality lessons on both practical and theory
  3. educate drivers based on local and international standards
  4. offer curriculum and syllabus as per NTSA
  5. offer basic mechanic defensive driving and first aid training
  6.  state of the art vehicles and training facilities
  7. fee payment flexible

Excel Driving School aims to improve Road Safety by providing training of international standards to all drivers in kenya. Our State-of-the-art facilities have been designed in accordance with the highest quality standards using the most competent personnel, advance communication and control system.

Eligibility Requirements

  • At least 18 years old
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